Who We Serve


All schools need security in place to keep student information safe. We provide managed IT services and supplemental IT for all of your needs.


Many non-profits already have an IT director. We are flexible enough to offer supplemental services and work together easily with your IT department.


We are familiar with HIPAA compliance and work with your healthcare organization to make sure sensitive patient data is secure at all times.


We are familiar with the NIST framework, and government organizations find that our managed IT services are a cost-effective option over in-house IT.

Legal Firms

Legal firms have to hold on to data for a long time. We save you money by making backup and storage solutions more efficient.

Small-Medium Sized Businesses

Whether you already have in-house support or no IT department at all, our comprehensive services help you in the IT space.

Financial Services

The financial industry has extensive regulations for cyber security. Our employees are knowledgeable about FINRA, and we help you stay compliant.