Schools are targets for cyber attacks because of the vast amount of personal and financial information they have about students.

Keep Data Safe With Our Security Services

Outsource My IT provides IT security services aimed at making your data as safe as possible. Our cyber security solutions include a wide range of services to safeguard your company’s critical data no matter what industry you are in. Managed security is an integral part of our all-inclusive managed services.

For a predictable monthly fee, the Outsource My IT professionals:

  • Take care of all of the updates, upgrades, patches, and licensing.
  • Deal with your IT vendors so you only have to make one local call when you need help.
  • Secure your network against cyber crime and hacking.
  • Put protective filters and protocols in place to safeguard your students’ Wi-Fi access.

For educational facilities, security is extremely important. The school is in charge of keeping the private information of students and families safe. As a part of our education services, Outsource My IT can implement security measures and answer all of your technology questions quickly.

Education Solution Services

Outsource My IT is continually looking for the latest tools and technology that can help us provide better services to educational facilities. We take a customer-centric approach and look at your school as a unique entity so that our technology services are tailored to your school.

We offer the following solutions to educational facilities:

  • Cipafilters–In addition to top-quality cyber security services, we also implement a Cipafilter to keep your school safe from cyber criminals. Cipafilter is a context-sensitive web filter and firewall designed exclusively for the education market. The filters are designed for K–12 schools to keep students safe online. The content filter blocks inappropriate content using advanced filtering to inspect content in real time.
  • IT Audits and Supplemental IT–We also have experience performing district-wide IT audits so that your school can get a gauge on how secure your district’s IT truly is. Additionally, we also offer IT staff augmentation to schools. Even schools with an internal IT department need support at times. Our team provides supplemental services for schools that may not have the IT expertise to tackle certain projects.

Don’t Let Your School Fall Victim To Cyber Crime

With security services from Outsource My IT, you won’t have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands.

Your Education Solutions Partner In The Tri-State Area

Conveniently located in Fairfield, New Jersey, Outsource My IT is equipped to serve businesses in a variety of industries across the tri-state area. Our information technology experts can provide the security services that your school needs while also exhibiting exceptional customer service.

We have experience working with both private and public schools, and we’re only continuing to grow. If your school is looking to secure your data and get the most out of your technology, contact the team at Outsource My IT today.