Could your healthcare organization pass a HIPAA audit? Let Outsource My IT handle your IT while you manage your patients’ care.

Comprehensive Healthcare IT Solutions

The healthcare industry is a large and growing sector of the economy. Healthcare organizations must provide excellent patient care. After all, it’s a person’s health and well-being that is on the line. For this reason, healthcare organizations have little time to worry about much else besides patient outcomes and quality of care. But HIPAA legislation requirements are still important and ever expanding, and these regulations cannot be ignored.

Instead of having to figure out all of the laws and implement HIPAA-compliant IT on your own, look to the experts at Outsource My IT. As a professional IT management company, we will be able to give you the kind of HIPAA compliance assurance and IT efficiency that you need.

For one affordable monthly fee we will:

  • Keep your network 100% HIPAA compliant
  • Give you the best-in-class hardware and support
  • Handle all of your updates, upgrades, and patches
  • Manage and monitor your network, wireless, and mobile
  • Answer all of your questions
  • Deliver the best in cyber security

Staying HIPAA compliant and managing security across your systems ensures that patient data stays secure and safe from cyber attackers. Our backups are HIPAA compliant and run at frequent intervals to provide reliable security.

Full IT Audits For Your Healthcare Technology

Since HIPAA compliance is critical in the healthcare setting, security is a key service in the healthcare industry. Our team of experts can perform full IT audits to assess your healthcare technology systems. There are penalties for not protecting data adequately, and it could cost your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars if you aren’t compliant. You may even lose your practice or your license. Our IT audits are the perfect solution to helping you understand how tight your security is currently and what deficits need to be addressed.

We streamline your operations and make technology work for your healthcare organization. For example, if you are a large healthcare corporation and have consistent issues with two different vendors needing to access the same server without booting each other off, we can fix this. No matter what your needs are, we provide the best solution that works for you and keeps your data secure.

Reduce Costs And Improve The Patient Experience

Let our experts handle the IT so that you can focus on providing the best possible patient experience.

We Help Healthcare Organizations Operate More Efficiently

Whether you want to start with a security audit or invest in cloud-based security software, Outsource My IT provides a range of services to fulfill the needs of healthcare organizations. Our experts understand HIPAA compliance and the measures that need to be in place for you to remain compliant.

For industry-leading managed IT services for your healthcare organization, contact our team today.