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Can you guarantee your law firm’s clients’ emails are safe? Outsource My IT keeps sensitive client information secure.

Legal Technology Solutions From Trustworthy Professionals

You’ve seen your law firm progress from one or two lawyers to what it is today, so why hasn’t your IT support solution followed suit? Once a law firm has several computer users, it’s time to ditch the “you break it, we fix it” computer guys and retain professional, proactive IT management to care for your technology. If you have no IT management or have an IT management company that isn’t leveraging technology to your benefit, it’s time for you to level up your services.

Outsource My IT provides the following services to legal firms:

  • One fixed monthly fee = all-inclusive managed IT services
  • Technology refreshes for data that is held for long periods, which makes your backups more efficient
  • Complete monitoring and management
  • Executive-level advice for critical decisions
  • Help desk services for the day-to-day questions
  • Top-tier cyber security solutions and email security solutions
  • Dependable, trustworthy experts for top-quality IT care
  • Technology solutions that are ready to grow with your firm

If you are a successful law firm, you need top-quality IT services. Our professionals can provide you with the support you need to thrive.

Why Should The Legal Industry Care About Technology Services?

IT support should be a top priority for a growing law firm. Why?

  • Larger firms are subjected to higher scrutiny.
  • You are dealing with higher-profile cases and clients.
  • If you deal with any medical information, HIPAA regulations and/or IT legislative compliance come into play.
  • With more clients and more money coming in, you have more to lose.
  • Internal emails and emails to clients and other contacts must be encrypted, otherwise someone could access private information about a case.
  • Because you deal in confidential, private data, law firms of all sizes are potential targets for cyber criminals.
  • Time is money; with quality IT support, your firm will experience maximum uptime.

Above all else, IT security is paramount for law firms. You hold confidential client information for long periods. Our professionals can save you money by making your backups more effective and ensuring that critical information is always safe.

IT Security Is Crucial For Any Legal Firm

Law firms in the United States hold highly sensitive client information, making security crucial.

Your Law Practice Has Grown; Now Get The IT Support Your Firm Deserves

Outsource My IT provides professional IT services for legal firms throughout the tri-state area. If you are looking for top-grade cyber security, email security, and executive-level advice for your technology decisions, our team can help. To learn more about the services we can offer your legal firm or to get started with managed IT services today, contact us.