Just like any other organization, non-profits face challenges while handling as much private data as other businesses, making IT services a necessity.

Benefits Of Your Non-Profit Partnering With An IT Service Provider

The Outsource My IT team values the good work that non-profits do throughout the community, and we appreciate the complexity of the service that non-profits provide. We also recognize more and more that technology is being leveraged by non-profits to increase their organization’s effectiveness. Even if it’s not always evident, the needs of non-profit organizations are often similar to those of other businesses. Is your non-profit using technology to its full potential?

Non-profits often handle private data, making security paramount. Non-profits are also starting to realize the benefits of having remote workers, which can cut overhead costs while enabling both employees and volunteers to achieve work–life balance. We can help with all of the various technology needs that non-profit organizations have. Outsource My IT can easily tie in with other IT departments. Whether you want us to answer to your IT director as a supplemental service or completely manage your technology, we have the flexibility to do both.

We work with several different organizations and offer the following commitments to non-profit organizations throughout the tri-state area:

  • We will make your technology work for you.
  • We will enable your people to work effectively from anywhere your mission takes them.
  • We will remove daily IT management from your workload—permanently.
  • We will help you by covering your IT needs for one monthly fee so you can easily budget your service level agreement.
  • We will keep your organization safe from cyber security threats.

When you partner with Outsource My IT for all-inclusive managed services, you will find well-earned expertise and unmatched support from trustworthy professionals.

Why Trust Outsource My IT?

The work your non-profit does is important, and if you’re going to invest in IT services, you need a provider that you can trust. We know that every dollar counts, and we won’t push you to do something that you don’t want or to purchase a service that won’t benefit your organization. We won’t promote something you don’t need, and we won’t complicate your IT. We also realize that you have team members with varying degrees of IT knowledge. We promise that under our care, your IT will be simpler for both staff and volunteers. We make ourselves available to answer your questions and want to build a win–win, trusting business relationship with you.

Is Your Non-Profit Set Up For Success?

When you work with the Outsource My IT team, we make technology work for you so that your organization can thrive.

Simplify Your Technology, Build Your Organization

At Outsource My IT, we understand that technology can be complicated, but using it shouldn’t be. We prioritize simplifying your technology to the point that it is easy for all of the members of your organization to use. Whether you are a small, local organization or a larger non-profit, we have experience working with businesses and non-profits of all sizes. No matter your sector or size, we provide services best suited for your unique organization.

If you have any questions about our services or if you are a non-profit looking to get started with managed IT services, contact our team today.