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5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Outsource Their IT

The main benefits of outsourcing IT can help your company secure a competitive edge for years to come.

Managing an IT department is a daunting task and many companies don’t have enough money to take on that challenge. Technology always has its issues, and smaller companies and early startups seem to struggle with them most of all. Outsourcing a managed service provider (MSP) can help alleviate the stress that comes with managing information technology. These trained professionals work around the clock to ensure all computer systems, email accounts, servers, printers, and phones are functioning at an optimal level.

Here are five key reasons a partnership with an outsourced MSP makes sense:

Technology is expensive. This is especially true when you run a small company with a slim spending budget. Your MSP will help supply you with the tools you need for an affordable bundle. This ensures you get the appropriate hardware, software, and preventive maintenance support at a reasonable price.

MSPs also present users with greater economies of scale. Essentially, this makes technological resources more inexpensive at the wholesale price. So when your company experiences vertical growth, you’ll be able to deploy more hardware and software easily. This mitigates the risk for expensive acquisitions and provides you with more money to devote to other areas of the business.

Dedicated Technical Support

Technical difficulties are inevitable. Disruptions occur during impromptu moments and, oftentimes, that usually happens when we need our technology the most. Not every company runs on a 9-5 schedule. Employees have to put in extra hours from time to time, so they need access to the right resources. But if a technical disruption hinders your productivity, are you going to wait around for an expensive break-fix? MSPs can help prevent those frustrations.

The best MSPs offer 24/7 tech support for emergencies. With this feature, you have access to helpdesk services that provide immediate assistance. They help troubleshoot issues and provide a remedy for crashes, outages, data loss, security breaches, and other problems. With an MSP by your side, you gain peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated professional working to resolve your IT issues as quickly as possible.

Significant ROI

MSPs are responsible for helping you secure the most value for your investment. Not only do they support you with the right firmware, but they also manage that technology to ensure it’s functioning efficiently. Service providers maintain and upgrade your IT systems so you always get the most from each resource. This helps your team perform more efficiently, which enables you to deliver a faster, yet valuable, service. You should see a steady improvement in profitability in return.

Cutting-Edge Resources at Your Disposal

With an MSP by your side, you always have access to the best technology on the market. MSPs take care of all upgrades and support you with tools that are ahead of the curve. Sometimes, you’ll have the option for early replacements. In those scenarios, you’ll be able to take advantage of a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for a high-quality modern system.

Creates a Better Business Focus

Since MSPs take all the strain out of monitoring your IT, you’ll have more time and energy to deal with more critical aspects of your business. As a business owner, you can’t afford to take your foot off the gas. The entire day-to-day needs your undivided attention, and even the smallest IT hiccup can distract you from the most important priorities. MSPs free you from the nitty-gritty of technology so you can focus on perfecting a better business strategy.

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