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Why Managed IT Service Providers Are Superior to Break-Fix IT

Are you confused about what a managed service provider is? Are you not convinced of their value to your organization? Let’s take a look at it from a different perspective. Have you ever been driving down the road, heard an odd noise coming from your car, and chose to ignore it out of the fear of costly repairs?

Many people address problems this way; waiting until the wheels fall off to pay attention to the warning signs. This is, ultimately, a more costly strategy. The expenses would likely have been less to resolve the problem earlier, and now you’re out of a car until it’s fixed. This analogy relates directly to the way some organizations operate their IT services.

The Problem With Break-Fix Thinking in Computer Support

The only real selling point of break-fix IT service offerings is there’s no monthly fee. Beyond that, there are several disadvantages that will typically outweigh the money you were trying to save in the first place. These downsides include:

  • Budget Uncertainty: The break-fix business model will charge you for the hourly labor, consultation, and repairs. You won’t know the costs of their tech support until they assess the situation, and it will depend on how long it takes them to fix it. Even if they charge a fair price, that is now money you have to pay that was not in your budget previously.
  • Poor Repair Incentive: Break-fix computing services are called in every time there’s a problem. That means there’s not a lot of incentive for them to make long-term repairs and take preventive measures for your systems. This way of planning will lead to more problems in the future.
  • Downtime: Every moment your IT systems are down is costing your business money. It could mean time wasted on employees who cannot complete tasks, lost data, or utility bills you’re paying for equipment that’s not performing as it should. Break-fix providers will have to get there, familiarize themselves with your systems, and then start working on repairs. That’s a lot of lost time and productivity.
  • Surprise Problems: Problems in your computer systems and IT services will often start small and grow bigger over time. With monitoring software and network support, these issues could have been caught before they became severe hurdles in your daily operations.

Advantages of a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

The entire business model is based on prolonged productivity. Outsource My IT consistently works to replace technology before it fails and conduct preventive maintenance to prolong the life of your hardware. Every break-fix service is waiting for your systems to fail, that’s how they get paid.

Your downtime equals more dollars for them, and they get paid by the hour. They might resolve your issues, but there is almost no incentive to do it quickly and even less to perform maintenance that will prevent it from happening again.

When you work with an all-inclusive MSP, like Outsource My IT, we will only charge one monthly fee, and we are motivated to resolve your issues for the long-term. It is always in our best interest to prevent problems from happening in the first place or ever repeating. When that happens, we lose money and time as well. We are in this together, if you have a bad day, so do we. Other benefits of MSP services include:

  • More Uptime: Hardware and devices that are routinely maintained will break down less often and run more efficiently. Dependable uptime like this will also lower the stress level of your workforce across the board.
  • Predictable Costs: With the monthly fee from an MSP, you can plan ahead and budget for your IT expenses far in advance. There won’t be surprise costs or hidden fees. You’ll know how much it costs and the billing process will be transparent. You’ll even know what you’re getting for your money with our service-level agreements.
  • Efficient Time Management: Many companies already have an internal IT department. With managed services, you can hand off the maintenance and routine tasks to us and allow your internal team to focus on the core of your business.
  • Fewer Expenses: Since your equipment will be properly maintained more often, you will have less costly repairs or replacements. The business can also write off MSP services as an operational expense, instead of a capital expense.
  • New Opportunities: At Outsource My IT, we do more than just maintain your IT services and solutions. Our team gets to know your operations and objectives so we can recommend technology upgrades for the future. We can advise you on services like cloud services or disaster recovery and how best to integrate them into your workflow.
  • Help Desk Services: Many issues do not need someone there in person to resolve them. Outsource My IT is a professional outsourced help desk provider in Fairfield, NJ, serving businesses throughout the MSP’s tri-state area. Our knowledgeable staff responds in real time, and you will speak to a real person when you call.

One of the most beneficial features of managed IT services is they allow for smaller businesses to gain access to a level of technical resources that are sometimes reserved for larger corporations. With Outsource My IT at your side, you’ll have a whole new edge over the competition with tools and solutions designed to help you reach a higher level of performance.

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