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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Device Management Service

Learn why mobile device management service is so important for businesses in 2020

Nowadays, many businesses are utilizing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Service. In this service, the company is responsible for providing its employees with a centrally managed mobile device. This device has access to the company’s applications, software, and important data. 

Usually, the IT department is responsible for managing and providing such a device. In some cases, the IT department may install MDM software on the employee’s personal mobile device that automatically enables the employee to access a host of software and data. 

As a result of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen many businesses shift to a remote working system. As a consequence, they utilized an MDM system to enable their employees to work efficiently from anywhere in the world. Therefore, they continued to operate without any major delays or losses. 

A Mobile Device Management service can bring many benefits to your business. We have compiled the top 5 reasons why you should consider an MDM service for your business. 

Minimize Security Risks

  • A standard MDM package includes many security and data protection services. These are particularly useful if the device is stolen or has been breached by a virus. MDM service allows the business to remotely wipe its data, prevent unauthorized access, lock the device, and determine its last known location. 

Therefore, having an MDM service effectively reduces the security risk for your business. 

Minimize Costs 

  • MDM helps reduce costs by providing high accessibility & convenient access to the business’s software and data bundled as a single service. MDM is easier to deploy on a mobile device as compared to the usual convention of providing laptops or computers to employees and then manually installing software on them. 

MDM also helps a business reduce inventory, supply chain, and operational costs by streamlining processes. 

Increase Productivity & Remote Working Capabilities

  • One of the key features of an MDM service is that it increases productivity and remote working capabilities. Employees can conveniently open and reply to emails without having to open their laptops. 

Since they have access to company software and data, they don’t need to be physically present at the office. Thus, by using an MDM service they can work remotely and efficiently. 

Improve Efficiency 

  • An MDM service helps to improve efficiency not just for the employees but also for the various departments of the business. Since they all have access to the software on their mobile devices, they can enter and modify data in real-time instead of manually entering it into a computer. 

The business departments such as inventory management can now use specialized software to manage active devices, active inventory, and active software. The IT department can enable and disable a device and access provision to its services by a click of a button.

mobile device management service for your business

Minimum Training & Easy Deployment

  • Using an MDM service requires minimal training. Most MDM services use corporate versions of everyday software with enhanced capabilities. Your IT department can train your employees to utilize these services within a few days. 

MDM services are also easy to deploy compared to conventional methods that involve installing company software on a traditional computer or laptop. MDM service does not require very high-end technical specifications and can be modified according to the needs of your business. 

There are several IT consultancies that help businesses shift to an MDM service. One such company is Outsource my IT. They’ve partnered with IBM to provide MaaS360 which is an MDM service based on IBM’s Artificial Intelligence Technology

It is a bundled service that provides seamless integration with Apple, Android, and Microsoft platforms as well as access to a suite of useful software. Outsource my IT is a leading service provider that can help your business make an easy transition. They provide excellent customer service and training.