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Why Your Business Should Upgrade From Windows 7

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When Windows 7 was released by Microsoft, it redefined the operating system and attracted millions of people to upgrade from Windows XP, the then-popular operating system of that time. Windows 7 promised better features, smoother operation, and of course better security.

But now that Windows 10 is the current operating system of our generation, and Win 7 has lived past its life, Microsoft has announced that they will be stopping the security updates for the OS. For your business, this means that you will not be getting any security patches from Microsoft, leaving your systems open to potential dangers of cybercrime and hackers.

The last date of Windows 7 update was January 14th, 2020, which means if your business is still running this operating system, you are at a high-security risk. From now on, you will not be getting first-party support from Microsoft and any bugs or security threats will have to be managed by your in-house IT department.

Is Migrating To A Newer Windows Necessary?

  • If you’re working on-premises, then yes, you will likely have to migrate to Windows 10 to avoid any security loopholes and potential dangers of a data breach. However, you can still keep Win 7 if your business operations and data are stored on the cloud.

For small to large businesses, upgrading to a newer OS means spending a great number of resources on upgrading the machines and buying corporate licenses for Windows 10, which we all know can amount to a significant cost.

  • Not to mention, you will also have to train your team to work on the Windows 10 system if they have been using Win 7 for the last decade and they have never used the newer OS.

For those businesses that still want to keep the old operating system, it is better to work alongside an IT company that has ample experience in providing IT security. They can help mitigate any risks you face.

  • Outsource My IT is just one of these companies that help small to large businesses deal with day to day security threats. Our IT consultation services and security services ensure that you are well protected even if you are on an older operating system. We provide remote support and help you out when you need us the most.

Decided To Upgrade To New Operating System?

  • If your business has decided to give up on Windows 7 and move to a new operating system, congratulations! You are taking the right step as the new OS will protect you from security threats and you will keep getting first-party support.

But before you move to a new OS, consider your options well. There are several operating systems catering to different business needs and tasks and while you are upgrading an OS, it is better to see the pros and cons of all the operating systems available in 2020 such as macOS, Linux, Ubuntu, and Windows 10.

If you want an expert opinion on which operating system should become a major part of your IT infrastructure, get in touch with Outsource My IT today. We provide IT consultation services that aim to provide you with sound advice in times like these. We’ll help you pick the right OS depending on your needs and business resources.