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What Is Zero Trust Network? Explaining Zero Trust Model

Read on for a comprehensive discussion on zero trust network and secure your business

Adopting a new security model may sound like a complex and overwhelming procedure. However, the task becomes relatively more straightforward with the proper knowledge and technology partner. This article provides comprehensive information about the zero trust model.

Zero Trust Network

  • The traditional security networks work on the castle and moat concept. This approach limits external excess to a network. However, anyone from inside the network can quickly gain access. The drawback of this approach is that once an intruder gains access to the network, they can take charge of everything inside. Put simply, traditional IT network security trusts everyone inside the network.

On the other hand, a zero trust network is built to trust no one and nothing by default. Anyone who tries to gain access to resources has to undergo verification protocols. Zero trust is the holistic approach to network security and incorporates different technology structures. Data breaches are reduced to a great extent by adding a layer of security in the form of a zero-trust network.

Zero Trust Security Model

  • A single data breach can cost over $3 million to an organization. The need to adopt a holistic security approach, such as a zero trust security policy, has increased more than ever. The zero trust security model uniquely addresses the challenges associated with the modern digital transformation of today’s business. It is an IT security model that allows a person or a device to access resources on a private network after strict identity verification.

Everyone must undergo verification, whether they are sitting within or outside the network perimeter. The primary technology associated with the Zero Trust network is ZTNA or Zero Trust Network Access. ZTNA covers most infrastructure and services by building one-to-one encryption connections between devices and their resources.

How Does Zero Trust Model Work?

  • ZTNA works by assuming that everything is hostile by default. The zero trust model significantly retreats from the traditional security models built on the in-house data center and network. These network structures rely on approved IP addresses, ports, and protocols for establishing and validating access controls. This generally includes anyone connecting through remote access VPN. On the other hand, a zero trust security model handles all the internal and external traffic as hostile.

For instance, workloads are stopped from communicating unless they are authenticated by a set of attributes, including fingerprint or identity verification. These identity-based verification protocols build an indestructible layer of security that travels with the workload from the public cloud or a hybrid environment to on-premises network architecture. Zero trust enables safe digital transformation by securely connecting devices, users, and applications using business policies over any network.

Benefits of Choosing a Zero Trust Architecture

  • zero trust networkModern cloud environments are enticing targets for cybercriminals who aim to ransom business-critical data, including financial information, intellectual property, or personally identifiable information. Although none of the security strategies are perfect, and data breaches may never be eliminated, the zero trust model is among the top most effective security strategies in the modern world.

It helps businesses by:

  • Shrinking the attack surface
  • Reducing the impact and severity of attacks
  • Minimizing the time and cost of response and clean-up after an attack

‍‍Thus, the zero trust model is the most efficient means of cloud security. Given the data extensions in today’s IT environment, the ability to not trust any connection without proper verification is critical for business security. The zero trust model enables you to use fine-grained controls to distinguish regulated and non-regulated data. Moreover, it allows you to construct perimeters around certain critical data types.

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