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How Zero Trust Security Works In A Network Environment?

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Zero-trust is a holistic cybersecurity approach that requires all users inside and outside the organization to be authorized and verified to access the applications and data on the network. This article provides comprehensive information about the zero-trust security model and its working in a network environment.

Purpose Of Zero Trust Security

  • The zero trust security model uniquely addresses the challenges associated with the modern digital transformation of today’s business. It is an IT security model that allows a person or a device to access resources on a private network after strict identity verification. It involves multiple technologies and processes and aims to protect organizations from cybersecurity threats and data breaches.

In addition, zero-trust assists compliance with HIPPA, FISMA, CCPA, and other core security laws. The primary technology associated with the Zero Trust network is ZTNA or Zero Trust Network Access. ZTNA covers most infrastructure and services by building one-to-one encryption connections between devices and their resources.


  • Data security is at the heart of zero-trust. Hackers are after data, including protected health information, personally identifiable information, intellectual property, and other valuable organization data. Monitoring of data activity is a priority of the zero-trust security model.

Zero-trust security strategy focuses on the following areas:

Data Protection

  • The primary aim of the zero-trust security model is data protection. It starts by protecting data and building additional security layers. Even if an attacker intrudes on an organization’s perimeter controls, he would have reduced access to data because of the zero-trust security model. Zero trust works by quickly detecting and responding to unauthorized data access before it becomes a significant problem.

Network Protection

  • Cyber attackers must navigate an organization’s network to steal its data. However, zero-trust network protection protocols make it extremely difficult for attackers to do so. Zero-trust segments isolate and restrict organizations with the help of technologies such as next-gen firewalls. Thus making your network resistant to cyber-attacks and hacking.

User Access

  • Employees are usually the weakest link in an organization’s defense system. Zero trust works by limiting, monitoring, and restricting users’ access to resources on internal and external networks. In addition, all the user activity on the network is verified before trusting users with access.

Without a robust security architecture, employees can easily fall victim to malicious attacks and inevitable human errors. Therefore, the implementation of zero-trust security is crucial in a network environment.


  • The entire stack of applications and software enabling customers to interact with your business is called workload. One of the common attack vectors is unpatched customer-facing applications. From the operating system to the frontend web interface, the whole stack should be treated as a threat vector and protected with zero-trust compliant controls.


  • Countless devices live on the network, from smartphones to PCs and IoT devices. Each of these devices acts as a potential entry point for attackers. A zero-trust security architecture isolates and controls every device on the network to create a secure network environment.

Implementation Of Zero Trust Security

  • zero trust security worksIt is essential to empower security and incident response teams with complete network and file activity visibility before enforcing zero-trust principles. Employ advanced threat detection and user behavior analytics to stay ahead of cyber attackers. In addition, it helps protect the network from potential threats and identify abnormal behavior quickly.

Given the data extensions in today’s IT environment, the ability to not trust any connection without proper verification is critical for business security. The zero trust model enables you to use fine-grained controls to distinguish regulated and non-regulated data.

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